Would Inspired Philanthropy: Your Step by Step Guide to Creating a Giving Plan and Leaving a Legacy be useful to you?
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If you are, we believe, Inspired Philanthropy will be useful. We wrote the book with you in mind. Full of exercises, the book offers wisdom from 30 years in philanthropy and leverages the wisdom of donor mentors and peers, and support organizations.

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Quotes from reviewers:

"Inspired Philanthropy has all the fuel your engine of generosity will need to assure you more purposeful, satisfying and personal giving. Tracy Gary speaks to your soul, your accountant and your lawyer. She conducts its self-discovery systematically but tenderly. Your spirit works with her and it discovers its own higher levels of both organized strategy and transforming passion for its philanthropic impulse.
Inspired Philanthropy gives students and faculty in philanthropy a unique understanding of the complexity of the gift. Advisers and donors come to feel the power to work more productively with family, staff, and non profits."
  ~   Dr. Claire Gaudiani, Clinical Professor,
      The Heyman Center on Philanthropy and Fundraising, NYU

"There is no better guide for transforming one's inner donor activist into an empowered donor leader than Tracy Gary. With a perfectly calibrated blend of heart and mind, Inspired Philanthropy offers motivating and practical strategies for integrating one's personal vision with our global community."
  ~   Jessica Chao, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

"The previous edition of Inspired Philanthropy was considered to be among the most highly used resources among over 1800 providers of donor education. We are certain with this expanded version that Tracy will continue to propel generosity and valuable tools for our sector."
  ~   Dan Siegel and Jenny Yancey, YouthGive!