Inspired Wealth Coaches

We believe that inspired wealth coaches can play a crucial role in donors becoming inspired leaders and planners. Many advisors and partners facilitate the legacy planning process. Inspired Wealth Coaches (IWCs), in particular, help donors discover their values and goals, navigate family issues, as well as hold donors accountable for progress. Additionally, IWCs facilitate planning moving forward and navigate the complex processes and relationships. See our 12 Points of Inspired Planning which lays out the critical pieces of creating and completing an inspired plan.

Inspired Wealth Coaches come from many different backgrounds and have a variety of trainings and certifications. Below is a list of our first IWCs - the list is small, but powerful. We expect to add more names as we discover more IWC treasures. The listing here does not necessary indicate an endorsement. We encourage you to reflect on your needs, make inquiries, and, as always, do adequate research. IWCs are experts on process, and do not, unless otherwise indicated, offer advice on financial tools or options."

If you are a wealth coach and want to be added, please contact Tracy at

Karla Boyd, Ph.D. Leadership Development Consultant
Namaste Global Vision
145 Corte Madera Town Center #687
Corte Madera, CA. 94925
Karla Boyd, Ph.D.

Karla Boyd, Ph.D. has over forty years of experience as a workshop leader and professional consultant. She founded Namaste Global Vision in 1999 and works with individual, corporate, and community entrepreneurs via private sessions as well as dynamic educational programs for transformational leadership development. Karla empowers organizations, teams, and individuals to manifest their highest purpose with new confidence, clarity, integrity, and passion through leadership development. She is committed to supporting her clients in harnessing their greatest talents while expanding their capacity for excellence and joy by becoming vital and effective contributors to the world.

Karla received her undergraduate work at Indiana University, earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Union Graduate School, and since the early eighties has studied leadership development consultation paradigms. She has trained with London Gale Associates and is certified as an Advanced Skills Communication Trainer and Consultant and as an Equine Guided Education leadership development consultant.

Karla is an active meditator and committed to listening from mindful-awareness practices, somatic awareness, and congruent communication. Her association with horses began in her teens and blossomed into a powerful partnership, life study, and teaching of how equine guided leadership training uniquely and dynamically impacts transformational change.

I am a passionate student and teacher of positive relationship building, and love empowering you to bring out the best in your partnerships and your personal best to the world through giving practices.

I am passionate about and committed to the evolution of the human-human and of the human-animal bond.

Client Profile:
I work best with individuals and organizations who seek first to make personal leadership breakthroughs and harness effective communication styles and practices before empowering their organizations to change. I work effectively with clients who are team players and who are in rapport and aligned with partners for affirmative outcomes. I am successful with clients who are joyful, dynamic and who create positive communication cultures around them.

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Anne and Christopher Ellinger
Bolder Giving
21 Linwood St.
Arlington MA 02474
Anne and Christopher Ellinger, Zing Foundation

Specific offering: We support committed givers who want to step forward more boldly. Our coaching work helps you answer the question, "How much can I give?" and to give wisely and joyously at your full capacity. See full description.

We also provide half-hour phone consultations to help you learn about the myriad peer networks for donors, and to suggest ones that best match your interests. See full description.

Bio: Christopher and Anne Ellinger (formerly Christopher Mogil and Anne Slepian) are nationally-recognized writers, counselors, workshop presenters, and organizers on issues of wealth and philanthropy. In 1991, they founded More than Money, a nonprofit peer education network with over 2,000 participants nationwide, and in 2007 launched the Bolder Giving Initiative. Anne and Christopher's writing includes the American Book Award-winning We Gave Away a Fortune, the guidebook "Welcome to Philanthropy," published by the National Network of Grantmakers, and numerous articles in the quarterly More Than Money Journal. They also direct and perform with True Story Theater.

Anne and Christopher have coached hundreds of individuals and couples. Their coaching addresses the emotional, practical, and values issues involved in philanthropy, and draws on both their personal experience as inheritors and donors. Their style is deep and informal. They are available to work individually or together, in person or by phone.

Client profile: Our one-time phone consultations are open to all givers. Our ongoing coaching is for people with the capacity to give at least $1 million in their lifetime. Our ideal client is self-aware and ready to take action. Although we often do bi-weekly phone sessions, our favorite way of working is face-to-face over several intensive days, in which we can together draft a financial plan, giving plan, and legacy plan.

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Michal Feder

Michal Feder

As one of the leaders of Resourceful Women in the 1980s and 1990's, and as a woman business owner and modest inheritor and investor myself, I understand how important support can be in keeping on track.

I enjoy helping people organize their priorities, sort out their history, clarify what they want to do and separate that from what they are willing to do. I'm good at addressing the issues of working with financial professionals in a collegial relationship.

While I have no coaching degrees, I have YEARS of practical experience as a teacher, presenter, consultant, and I am the author of several books and curriculi, including:

  • Mapping the Territory
  • Money Minder: Simplify, Organize and Manage Your personal Financial Records
  • Taking Charge: A Personal Guide to Managing Projects and Priorities

Client profile: Start up inheritors, or entrepreneurs who are ready to move and follow through. At age 80+ myself I have a busy life, so am only interested in being a short term coach. Send an email and we can discuss if I am the right person for you. I am happy to meet with those in the greater Denver area willing to come to Boulder. A donation per hour of work to nonprofits we choose together in lieu of payment, please.

Quote for the day: "You don't change the world by sitting in the bleachers." Steve Demos-Founder of White Wave Products 10/1/08

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Renee Freedman

Renee Freedman, PCC, MSEd.
Renee Freedman & Company Inc
8915 E. Bellevue Street
Tucson, Arizona 85715

Special Offerings: Integrative coaching and idea-streaming services focused on initiating philanthropic foundations, social entrepreneurism, and world changing projects from a transformational context.

Bio: Renee describes her clients as "visionaries finally ready to initiate heart-inspired projects of goodwill in the world." Renee's reputation is built on coaching people and small foundations with resources to create sustainable and legacy-driven outcomes that reflect their passion, values, and commitment to being a contributing global citizen. Renee connects her clients with their voices of wisdom, longing, passion, and courage to draw on their best inner resources for full philanthropic expression.

Renee Freedman experience spans several focus groups: individuals who chair small family foundations or are starting a foundation, serving as the director of coaching for More Than Money, coaching directors of development for international nonprofit organizations, and providing coaching services to the principals and/or clients of Association of Small Foundations, The Philanthropic Initiative, and The Summer Institute. She earned her professional certified coach credentials from the Newfield Network and the International Coach Federation.

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Tracy Gary

Tracy Gary
P.O. Box 1693
40 Redwood Drive
Ross, CA 94957

Phone: 415.377.9447

Special offering: Inspired Legacies works primarily with wealthy individuals and families. Often we are the trusted advisor or guide who helps to assemble or work with your team on your giving priorities and then, with you, make them known to the rest of your family and/or financial team. Our work is about making your giving more strategic and transformational for yourself and the world. If you feel stuck or just want an experienced sounding board or cheerleader, we motivate and help you keep your eye on your goals and dreams. We focus on supporting families and individuals to make time to enjoy your money and your energy through the pleasures of nonprofit engagement and entrepreneurship.

Our services as a nonprofit work on a pay it forward basis. Another donor, why it could be Donor Diva, or another generous soul, if you call us, will have paid for our time with you. If you are satisfied, then we'll ask you later if you want to enable us to help another family with some of our time. Facilitating retreats for families or complex meetings or evaluations of what families' needs and current questions may be, does require a bid from us. We charge below or at market value. We try also or instead to refer you where you can be best served. This is perhaps our greatest service.

Come and let's begin a dialogue about what you hope to change and preserve during your lifetime. I work generally by phone, but we travel to about 40 cities per year so try to also see clients when possible.

Bio: Tracy Gary is a philanthropist, nonprofit entrepreneur and legacy mentor who has worked to help others experience the joy of giving charitable dollars to causes they care about. Through her eighteenth start-up, a nonprofit called Inspired Legacies, she consults with a diverse range of individuals and organizations to improve and expand philanthropy and volunteerism.

Client profile: If you are considering starting a foundation, or a donor advised fund, a family foundation or a giving pool for or with your partner or spouse, or have kids or young adults or business friends who you'd like to spark in giving, we may have options and ideas that will support your decision making and completion. Having worked with over 6000 nonprofits and 3000 families (about 400 of them in reunions, retreats and group meetings) we especially have experience with multi-generational families and their complexities and possibilities. As the author of Inspired Philanthropy: Your Step by Step Guide to Creating a Giving Plan and Leaving a Legacy, much that I know is now available to you and the world through the book, but the refinements of relationship and the support for one's life to keep at dreammaking are what distinguish our services at Inspired Legacies.

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Pilar Gonzales

Pilar Gonzales
3871 Piedmont Ave, PMB 54
Oakland, California 94611

Special Offerings: My client work includes advising on issues of: management, fund-raising & philanthropy, personnel, human resource policy, marketing, program ethics, organizational systems & protocol, business writing & professional correspondence, and donor services & relations.

Specifically for philanthropists, for example, I advise on the emotional aspects of your charitable giving planning, race & class issues as they come up in any part of the grant making process, developing ethical tools for working in communities different than your community, how to navigate through family history and politics while doing philanthropy itself, and more. My greatest tools have been: listening, dialoguing, and being present with compassion for my clients.

Bio: After 18 years in nonprofits as a Development Director, major donor, and heading an organization as President, I came to know that when my leadership was supported by peers - I thrived. So I started a business where I could give back the same quality of attentive professional guidance, and coach others to reach their personal best.

This work also includes donors and philanthropists, who may also find themselves in positions of leadership or who want to lead on a Board or committee. Leadership within a family is comparable to that of an executive or a manager, and the family structure can be such that you are held back by your other roles. I have explored these issues with many family members in conversation and through their charitable giving trends.

The role of leader is by nature an isolating one. Whether it's your money, your volunteer time, or accountability for other people's money, surrounding oneself with knowledgeable, compassionate advisors and/or coaches is exactly the safe harbor we need in order to rejuvenate and keep a just perspective.

Originally from the Midwest, I've been in California for over 30 years. And once I graduated from the University of California at San Diego, I moved to the Bay Area. I serve clients all over the United States and would like, one day, to extend my work into the United Kingdom. For more information, visit:

Client profile: Leaders and executives of nonprofit organizations in the US seeking to reach their professional goals; Donors & philanthropists seeking emotional guidance & practical advice while doing grant making and gift planning; or anyone wishing to learn how to start planning their charitable giving of any financial level. Disclaimer: My services do not include financial planning nor deferred giving planning.

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Ruth Ann Harnisch

Ruth Ann Harnisch
The Harnisch Family Foundation
350 Park Avenue, 30th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Special Offerings: Pro bono only. Coaching for visionaries and leaders who want a thinking partner to help maximize their effectiveness and impact. Areas of expertise: using wealth as a leadership opportunity, communication (speech, writing, media).

Bio: After a career in journalism and media spanning more than three decades, Ruth Ann devoted herself to the not-for-profit field. While chairing the board of More Than Money, a national nonprofit assisting top wealth-holders to put their money where their values are, Ruth Ann trained to become a certified coach. She has since been an effective thinking partner to hundreds of clients, including authors, scientists, executives, performers, and other dynamic individuals.

Member, International Association of Coaching: - Certification awarded in 2004
Member, International Coach Federation:
Founder, The Foundation of Coaching:

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Lori Hanau

Lori Hanau
Global Round Table Leadership
P.O. Box 622
Keene, NH 03431

Special Offerings: Lori's work is as a spiritual ally, guiding and supporting leaders, change agents and pioneers in strengthening their inner life and values to develop congruency with their outer world and actions. She works similarly with groups and networks as a spiritual space holder, communication bridge, and conversation facilitator, supporting the emergence of healthy collaborations and systems.

Bio: Lori grew up in New England in a successful entrepreneurial family that taught her a great deal about the central role that love, personal balance, and caring for one another plays in fostering strong leadership and healthy collaborative relationships. From a very young age she experienced a deep personal connection to what she calls the Mystery & the universal spirit. Her relationship to the intangible has played and continues to play a central role in shaping the direction of her life, in developing her capacity to "see" and "listen", in her ability to stand in and trust the unknown, and in strengthening her commitment to being of service. Lori spent the greater part of her career in the business world, including presidency of a manufacturing company and had great opportunities to observe and engage with many different styles of leadership and a myriad of organizational systems. She developed a clear sense for what causes leaders and the social eco-systems which they create to be vibrant and sustainable or, alternatively, to fall into dysfunction. In time, feeling a calling she couldn't ignore, Lori left the corporate world and allowed herself to enter a phase of deep inquiry and contemplation during which she attended a wide range of conferences and gatherings focused on different aspects of whole system change (including health, science, philanthropy, spirituality and business), observing and listening for what was emerging in the more conscious and innovative sectors of our society. Today Lori owns Global Round Table Leadership, a business whose mission is to call forth and support the shifts in consciousness, leadership and community needed to guide our creative endeavors and inspire us to support the emergence of a sustainable and collaborative world.

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Jennifer Ladd

Jennifer Ladd
Jennifer Ladd Consulting
8915 E. Bellevue Street
PO Box 1300
Northampton, MA 01061-1300

Special Offerings: Jennifer coaches wealthy people in living a fulfilling interconnected life with themselves and their community. She also helps people and families create giving plans and find the right vehicle through which to give. She draws upon the arts, when working with people depending on their comfort and interest levels.

Bio: At age 21 Jennifer inherited about $1,000,000. The juxtaposition of holding social justice values while being a Standard Oil heir led her to the world of social change philanthropy. She founded The People's Resource of Southwest Ohio with a community board. Since then she has been involved with a wide range of social change philanthropic and donor activist organizations, including A Territory Resource (now Social Justice Fund), Threshold Foundation, Peace Development Fund, Women Donors Network, Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts, Peppercorn Foundation, Responsible Wealth and Bolder Giving. In 2004, Jenny decided to give away half of her assets over the next 4 years.

Jennifer co-founded Class Action,, with Felice Yeskel after co-founding a cross-class dialogue group that met monthly for six years. Class Action's mission is to inspire action to end classism, raise awareness, facilitate cross-class dialogue, support cross-class alliances and work with others to promote economic justice. Jennifer continues to support and work closely with Class Acton.

Client Profile: People with earned, inherited or associated wealth, who care both about themselves and the greater world within which they live. Jennifer enjoys working with people and organizations that are doing their best to find and fulfill their niche in the broadly defined world of social change.

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Jean Russell

Jean Russell

Special Offerings: Coach exclusively with social benefit focused individuals and leaders who require a listening and facilitative partner in changemaking and legacy planning.

Bio: Jean feels passionately about bringing out the best in others, which earned her the name Nurture Girl. Considered to be an exceptional active listener, Jean creates an open and organic space for exploration and movement honoring the uniqueness of her client partners. She works with clients across four continents that focus on making strategic and leveraged change in our world. In 2005 she began working with inspirational philanthropic leader Tracy Gary on Inspired Legacies. With five solid years writing and reporting on how to make an effective and personal difference, she brings her awareness of strategies and opportunities to the coaching context. Her work focuses on community-building, collaborative technology, and leadership development, which she blogs about on

"After having worked with Jean for many months, I can say without hesitation that my work with her has enabled me to break through or navigate around a range of mental roadblocks. It has involved a combination of brainstorming, challenging assumptions and beliefs, and the drawing out of spaghetti-scattered thought patterns and re-arranging them into something that I can more clearly visualize and act upon."
-Greg Murray, General Manager (Middle East and Africa), Templeton Galt

Jean earned her NLP Coach certification through the NLP and Coaching Institute of California, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She holds a BA in English and Philosophy.

Without offering financial or investment advice, Jean helps wealth holders collaborate with advisor experts to achieve clear and vivid goals using a comprehensive process developed by leaders in legacy planning.

Client Profile: Ideal clients for Nurturing with Jean: people interested in optimizing social benefit, collaboration, and personal integrity. Jean works with clients around the world through regular phone conversations and email.

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Marjan Sax

Marjan Sax
Sax Consultancy
Prinsengracht 544
1017 KK Amsterdam
the Netherlands

Specific offering: individual and group coaching, donor education, workshops on fund-raising, advising of (family) foundations. Fields of expertise: international women's funds, human rights/women's rights, women's reproductive rights, position of marginalized groups (gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender groups, organizations for sexworker's rights, refugee organizations), progressive media, art and culture, microcredits.

Bio: Marjan has been a feminist activist since the early seventies. She used her inheritance to help finance the international struggle for women's rights. Marjan is one of the founders of Mama Cash, the first international women's fund, founded in the Netherlands in 1983. She is a political scientist, writer and group trainer. Through her work at Mama Cash as director, fundraiser and chair of the board, she acquired a great deal of expertise in the financial aspects and practical work of nonprofits. She has been coaching women with inherited wealth for more than twenty years, both in groups and individually.

She is a sharp and witty chairperson for big meetings and experienced speaker and presenter.

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