Inspired Philanthropy:
Your Step by Step Guide to Creating a Giving Plan

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Are you a donor? A professional advisor who works with donor clients? A nonprofit fundraiser? If you as a consultant, nonprofit, or donor group purchase ten or more copies of Inspired Philanthropy you will receive a free 45 minute teletraining with author and noted giver, Tracy Gary. (Tracy's normal speaking fees run into the thousands of dollars.)

Your conversation with Tracy will be structured to meet the needs of your audience, whether donors, advisors, or nonprofits. The theme across the board is: "How donors can partner effectively with advisors and nonprofits to accomplish inspired legacies". By making Inspired Philanthropy a tool in your organization or group, you can achieve impactful, inspired, and fulfilling philanthropy for donors and for our communities. Please consider putting the book to work for you and your group - with a personal boost from Tracy Gary.